Quincy, IL - As we gear up for returning to play in the Fall 2020, we are highlighting our athletic staff during a mid-Summer Staff Profile series.

Today, June 19th, we get to introduce you to our head men's baseball coach, Adam Hightower. He will be entering his 3rd year at the helm of our men's baseball program.

   *Adam Hightower, Head Men's Baseball Coach

   *Oak Grove, MO

Alma mater:
  *Quincy University

Favorite Athlete of All Time: 
   *Ken Griffey Jr., LeBron James

Favorite Sports Team: 
   *Kansas City Royals, North Carolina Tar Heels (Basketball)

Favorite JWCC Memory: 
   *Myrtle Beach every year is a great experience! 

Favorite Overall sports Memory: 
   *Watching Derek Jeter play at “Old Yankee Stadium”

Who Inspires you: 
   *My Wife, my Mom, my Players/ Staff, and God

Current Netflix Binge: 
   *Anything super hero related (my son Leo controls the TV!), I did watch “The Last Dance” though.

Go to take out in Quincy: 
   *The Abbey, Hy-Vee Market Grille

Favorite vacation spot: 
   *The Bahamas (Atlantis)

Dinner with anyone: 
   *Jimmy Fallon (Should be some good convo there) 

Best thing about my job:
   *Building relationships. It’s all about the people! 

Favorite meal/food:
   *Steak with grilled vegetables

Favorite book
   *“15 to 28: A Story of God’s Love, Power, and Redemption” Matt Deggs

Favorite Movie:
   *Goodfellas, Catch Me If You Can, The Dark Knight (Batman)

Favorite TV Show:
   *Prison Break, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Sports Center